Two lovers are on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level but then a huge secret from the past brings an impending danger over them.


About The Author

Timileyin Okunlola

TIMILEYIN OKUNLOLA is a Nigeria-based poet, writer, and author of the much-adored Dark Pleasure. A proud descendant of Thespis, she finds pleasure in creating amazing characters with a unique relationship with the big man upstairs. Timileyin has always been a lover of people and in extension their stories.

Dark Pleasure is a tale about two lovers who were ready to take their relationship to the next level but a huge secret from their past weighs heavily on them.

Dare is a guy who once led a rough life but came across Christ. Even though he’s living a new life now, the scars from the past still linger…

Ololade on the other hand struggles to forgive a wrong done to her; a wrong that almost ruined her life.

Find out what went down in this intriguing tale of love and forgiveness.


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