You are most welcome to Faraja Craft Circle. It brings immense joy to my heart welcoming you all here.

For the past couple of months, this has been a dream the Faraja team has been on toes pursuing and we’re glad not only because we’re live but also because you’re with us.

We promise you all-encompassing growth if you stay with us on this journey.

Here are the layouts of our schedules:

  • Mondays are for Vocabulary building where we learn new words, their first usage, and lots more.
  • Tuesdays are for polls where we get to interact and hear our opinions on diverse issues.
  • Thursdays are for tips.
  • Friday is a showcase day where we feature various works from different creatives.
  • And on Saturday we have our Owanbe Book Party. This is where we’re gonna be having our book party. Excited right?

We will also be having two prime posts per month so stay with us!

We’ve got a lot for you fam and I’ll just like you to oblige us by staying on this course with us and inviting your friends and families as well.

We’ve created some resources to aid your usage of the site and you can check them out here

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