The Boy Child

I just learned today is for the boy child and I wouldn’t let it slip by. Over time, I have realized that I do have a flair for the boy child. This is not to neglect the girl child but I also appreciate the boy child’s journey and struggles. I would love to be an advocate for the boy child someday soon.

I’m surprised we still have people who do not recognize the fact that the boy child is also human and faces challenges as much as the girl child if not more. I am often shocked when people just treat the boy child anyhow. They do not see any need to care for the child or walk with him through his phases.

I see people advising parents to use more energy on the girl than the boy and I’m pained. In as much as I’m not saying neglect the girl child, I am saying treat both with care. Don’t pour all your care on your Daniella and leave your Daniel to flounder through life.

Daniel is prone to abuse too. He is prone to peer pressure. He is prone to mood swings. He is prone to bruised esteem. The bottom line is : he needs you!

No man is born a Macho.


Yes, you can tell me girls are prone to teen pregnancies but I can assure you those pregnancies didn’t fly into their tummies.

Yes, you say girls suffer from body shaming but hey, guys suffer from it too. A colleague made mention of this to me one day and it was gross to my ears. I mean why castigate people over what they can’t control?? Aarrgghh.

A badly groomed boy turns into a badly groomed man. There are no two ways about it. The teen years which are the second formative stages come with lots of bags and baggage for both genders.
While girls are struggling with the monthly flow and coping with the changes in their system, our dear young man is struggling with having a baritone voice, beards and being man enough.

The first time I learned boys gets raped, I was shellshocked. Like nibo Latun jasi but hey, it do happens and we shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t. Just please take care of every young boy near you and pay attention to their struggles.

They want to reach out. Be there for them. As we’re organizing classes and seminars for our girls, let’s factor our boys into planning as well. An average boy/guy/man tackles certain issues each day of his existence.

Society has created a “Don’t talk” template around the boy child but we can all break that barrier and make our men better right from the scratch.


Pay attention to the boy child, please!. Thank you! Thank you so much!! I wrote this during my extra hours at work. So I’m tired but this must get out to you today! Initially, it was meant to be just on my Whatsapp wall but I flipped it at the last minute. On days when I won’t be here, you can find me here.


I pray for you this minute that you will be great in life just as you have been destined to be. You won’t be a victim of scandalous affairs. You won’t be falsely accused. You are strong and your strength will never diminish. I love you and I’m rooting for you.
With words from,
Tomboy Timi.

Till I come your way again, may the good Lord keep you and yours.

N.B – Sequel to Christ was removed due to some upgrade on the site. It will be reposted soon.

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