I was firstly amazed at the lineup of Jesus that was everywhere on the 7th of June 2022. Much later when I would lay my hands on the graphics, I realized I couldn’t just let it go without commemorating it. I made some posts on Whatsapp and this was what gave birth to the 7-hour drive.

If you are an Ajala, the traveler, you would bear me witness that a journey that lasted for 7 hours is not a small one. If you ply the notoriously famous Nigerian roads, your body joints definitely won’t tell you Thank you after such a rigorous journey.

So erm, the 7-hour drive.

Where is the 7-hour drive headed?

The 7-hour drive is not one from Ilorin to Abuja or Ibadan to Delta rather the 7-hour drive is a connotation of my years of being in a relationship. In the most beautiful relationship, anyone can be in. One with the maker. It’s sweet. It’s amazing. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s a bout of fresh air away from the terrible heat of BONTERN.

The most beautiful gift I have been given is Salvation. This is also not cliché. For some 10+ years, I just dey waka anyhow. I flounder all around life. I held a lopsided view of life. It was tough. It was hectic. It was bad. So bad, And yes, I didn’t know how bad it was until I got a taste of the real deal.

You know that way, you didn’t have an idea what Edinwo bread tastes like. You’ve just been used to Twins or Fortunate🌚. Then boom, you tasted Edinwo, and boy, oh boy. 😋. If you don’t live in Ilorin, Sorry ehn. Just imagine having an exotic taste after years of blandness. Or a sumptuous meal after being starved for months? Yes! That heavenly feeling was what I got but it’s not an instant choco drink.

A smooth ride???

If you’re not traveling by air, there’s no guarantee you would enjoy a smooth sail for 7 hours on Nigerian roads. A pothole here, A stop there. Another koto giriwo over there and you’ll just have a not-so-nice bouncing castle experience coupled with headaches, backaches, and a dusty body. Nice isn’t?

Let’s bring this further home. We’re embarking on our journey now. Sit tight, buckle your seatbelts and let’s go. It’s 12pm and the driver has already kicked off.


This is the commencement of the journey. You are a bit unsteady and anxious. This is an unfamiliar terrain and you’re torn between two choices. A part of you is willing to experience the journey and another is skeptical. Whichever way, you’ve paid and this “gentleman” does not look like someone who would refund you.

You have given your life to Christ. Perhaps through an altar call or not. Bottom line, you have finally joined the Jesus train and can’t wait to roll with the “big boys.”


Your Ajala side wins and you love the view you get. You love the way you could beckon on a Gala seller and pick a Cola drink from another vendor. You love the fresh air and the countryside view you never get to see in your low-cost estate.

You are now with the Big boys. You prayed to Jesus last night and boom, before you even say Amen, the answer lands on your laps. Is this how sweet this is? We die here, you whistle loudly.


Soon enough, you leave all those areas behind and your throat is parched. You wish to beckon on a vendor but none is in sight. Oh! Why didn’t you buy two bottles the other time? You wonder. As if on cue, the driver pulls up beside a Mama Put and she has a cooler full of chilled drinks – the mortuary tempo. You smile as she hands you one and even winks at her “courteous” staff.

You’ve been keeping up with your side of the bargain and you’re sticking with Jesus come rain come shine. Well, the rain and sun indeed came and they seemed so overwhelming but Christ kept up his end of the bargain too and it’s all victory. Sweet sweet victory.


The journey picks up again and this time around, the road seems to want to be your death. There’s nowhere to balance. Your legs are cramped. Your back aches and your head bangs. Most amazingly, your driver doesn’t care about your ordeal. All he wants is his Fuji Reggae Reloaded.

The devil and his cohorts ain’t joking. They’ve cornered you and Christ is nowhere to be found. You’ve shouted “Baba no leave me” to no avail. Arrghh. Oti doju e bayii.

4-5 CHALLENGES – Rebellion – Resignation

You’ve taken a nap and soon enough the bus stops. You open your eyes gingerly grateful for how the time flew. No one is getting down so your interest is piqued. You’ve not gotten to the destination after all. It’s just a checkpoint.

A few miles after that, the bus develops a fault and you all have to wait. You get angry, rain angry questions on the driver. How dare he carry you when he knows his bus wasn’t fit for the journey? How dare he charge exorbitant prices when he can’t even run a check on his car. You rant all you can but have no other choice but to wait and wait you did!

Now, instead of reducing, your inner turmoil seems to pile up in millions. You can’t even get to know the head or the tail. If this is what rolling with the big boys entails, then I’m done. I’m so done. You stamp your feet just to reaffirm to the Trinity that you’re truly done.


The bus is fixed and the journey resumes. Now the potholes have nothing on you. You have finally squeezed your legs into a comfortable angle and your head now understands the assignment. You, therefore, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Like play, like play, you realize you really can’t do without Jesus so you eat your words back and apologize. You promise to stick with Him come rain come shine and graciously, he supplied you grace. Even with the storm raging like a wild bull all around you, you’re as calm as a baby at his Momma’s breast.


Finally, finally, you’re at the last bus stop. You alight and since the journey started, you plaster a huge smile on your face. The view is magnificent and the ride is worth it after all. You sure should do this more often.

Just like this traveler, you will definitely reach your destination someday soon. Pretty soon. But before then, you have to complete the cycle of your journey. Any attempt to jump any hurdle will bring about an unfulfilling journey.

And while on the hurdle, this beauty stage comes when you get an understanding of just how Christ works. When you have come to that stage you do not have to rely on tapes but rather you have your own experiences. You can point at how marvelous He has been and then reflecting, you see that truly you have grown.

My Testimony

So getting to know Christ has been fun all through. There have been bad days, good days, and not-so-good days. There have been days I seem to be on the right track. There have also been days I don’t know what or where the track is. But all in all, it has been an amazing 7-hour ride.
It’s been over 7 years since I signed up with Christ and each day is its uniqueness. I’ve loved Him. I’ve pulled away from Him. I’ve been tired. I’ve been on the verge of letting go but patiently He drew me back to Him. Lovingly, he draws me near each moment. When it seemed all blurry, he sent me letters.

Yes, not one, not two. He sent me Love letters. I walked on air those days and I’ve held those letters dear to my heart ever since. He has shown up for me each minute and he holds my hand dearly as we both make our way to Taberah.


Yeah. I put up this piece to toot his horn and bring you into our party. He responds to us all one on one. He can hold us all in an embrace in the same minute without breaking His back. He’s not a God for just me alone. No, He’s for everyone. Yaaayy. And me, I’m not jealous. I would really love you to join us. I want plenty siblings. Hence, come onboard. Come one, come all. There’s no reg fee. No acceptance fee. It’s all free!!!!

So, erm, what if I’m on board?

One disservice you can do to yourself is to think or believe you have to experience Him like your pastor did or your Mother did. No.Not at all. Getting to build a relationship with Christ is not a one-way thing. Like there is no hard and fast rule about it. In essence, what I’m trying to say is that experiences. Don’t limit yourself and don’t limit God.

Enjoy God. Enjoy your relationship with Him. Enjoy yourself. Relate with Him the way He made you and wants you to be.

Do bear with me, I’ll be here as much as I can. I love you and would be glad to welcome you into our family. You can be rest assured I’m not going to pile up dishes for you. If you’re ready to come on board, then just book a ticket here.

Till I come your way again, may the good Lord be with you and yours.

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