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It's Father's Day. That one day dedicated to fathers all across the globe. The other day, I talked about the boy child https://farajacraftcircle.com.ng/blog/the-boy-child/. Today, I want to talk about the man. Yh, every boy grows to be a man. Then a man metamorphoses into a Father albeit not every man is a Father. Being a Father does not necessarily have to do with producing babies from your loins. You may not have done that but yet you are a father. Being a father is work and being a fantastic father is even more work. A father is a man who...

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The Boy Child

I just learned today is for the boy child and I wouldn't let it slip by. Over time, I have realized that I do have a flair for the boy child. This is not to neglect the girl child but I also appreciate the boy child's journey and struggles. I would love to be an advocate for the boy child someday soon. I'm surprised we still have people who do not recognize the fact that the boy child is also human and faces challenges as much as the girl child if not more. I am often shocked when people just...

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