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We're back on My Inclinations and I.  Last Sunday, we were able to establish what inclinations are and how they should be targeted. Read up here https://farajacraftcircle.com.ng/blog/my-inclinations-and-i/ if you missed that episode. Today, we begin the analysis of areas our inclinations should be as young people. The very first aspect you should be inclined to is towards the Supreme being popularly known as God.  No human can survive optimally without the input of a greater force. One sure way of assessing this greater force is from the Big Man upstairs. Right from creation, God has always been a huge factor...

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Dear Youngster, today we will be starting a series tagged My inclinations and I. Here's our last post in case you missed it. https://farajacraftcircle.com.ng/blog/you-are-loved/ An inclination is a disposition towards something or someone. Naturally, no one wants to be accused of being biased but the truth remains that we are all actually inclined towards one thing or the other.  For many years in my sojourn here on earth, I was inclined toward feeling bad. I've created a cocoon around that fact and I just wanted to stay there. I was always seeing myself at the receiving end of every situation....

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