It’s a brand new day and I feel somewhat nostalgic writing this.  This is my 20th blogpost and I can’t help but reflect on how the journey all started indeed Rome wasn’t built in a day. Amidst the ups and downs, the schedules, the unforeseen circumstances and every other thing in between, the blog is progressing powerfully. No retreat, No surrender!

In whatever venture you may be involved in, it won’t all make sense at once. It won’t be a global rave the first day but you keep at it and see how it will all blossom beautifully one day. Your efforts may seem not to really hit the mark but surely if you faint not, you shall see the goodness it will spurt out soon.

Rome as a country is known for its architectural designs, entertainment, history, and governance. She is at a peak when it comes to these things but it didn’t all just occur. It took decades and centuries of hard work and dedication for her to come into this most revered state. Looking around our local community, we all can see where doggedness and much tenacity have led certain individuals and businesses.

In Acts 16, Apostle Paul and Silas went to a section of Macedonia where they were charged to court without due diligence and badly battered. They were put in the jailhouse overnight. After their miraculous “freedom” In the jailhouse and the jailer’s consequent salvation, the court judges sent word for them to go quietly but they refused. They demanded an apology and a decent sendoff. All of which the judge obeyed because they were Roman citizens. They left that town, not as downtrodden criminals but as dignified Roman citizens.

This is not a long post but I wouldn’t drop this pen without prompting you once again that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Stay with your empire and make something awesome out of it!  The next post is very very juicy. Thinking of it alone makes me giddy 😉. Trust me you’re not going to wait so long for it. It will be here before you even know it.

Till I come your way again, may the good Lord be with you and yours.

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