It’s been a while but I’m back here. These past weeks have been filled with various activities. One of these days, we’ll talk about them.

This is not your regular post but then it’s one you won’t be able to drop in a hurry. Delving into a new territory may be daunting but that shouldn’t deter you. You never know what you’re capable of if you don’t launch out. Today, I would love you all to meet Jim.

Jim is your average Naija youth, always eager for where the next big opportunity will come from. He doesn’t sleep on a long thing, doesn’t joke with his spirituality, doesn’t play deaf-to-calls, and is ever ready to try it all out. But then nothing seems to ever work out.

He does all he is expected to do and more but then it is what it is. Is this scenario looking familiar? Is Jim sounding like anyone you’ve heard about?

The issue with many nowadays is living their lives in the way it is expected to go. You go to school, graduate, fall in love, get married, have kids then build a career. Easy isn’t it?


But it doesn’t always work like this. Life isn’t a theatrical script you have to stage. You are a distinct entity as such have a distinct path. You don’t have to follow the norms, common be adventurous. And how else can that be than following His leading? By His, I mean the big man upstairs.

More often than not, he has everything planned out to the very tiniest detail. All you just have to do is cultivate trust in Him from the feeblest things and before you know it, you have a rock-solid faith even you will be proud of.

It’s sounding all like a fairytale, right? (Chuckles). It’s not o my dear. All I just need you to do is be yourself with Him. Enough of the way we were told to relate with Him. You know this phrase we all hear “cultivate a personal relationship with God” goes beyond your daily devotion. It means making Him your own. Dealing with Him in your own personal way! This is the only way you can live your life at its peak.

I do not have many friends but I have a way I relate with the ones I have which won’t be the way I relate with anyone else. The same way I have a way I talk to Biggie that I won’t talk to anyone else on earth like that. I can tell him stuffs I won’t be caught dead relating to you.

You get the gist now?


It’s not about doing the “normal things” or living out the routine but rather following the distinct path laid out for you. Enough of the theatrics, enough of the quest of meeting up to societal standards. Rather be intentional in living up to heaven’s standard as that is the only thing that will matter at the end of it all.

Okay! I guess I’ve written enough. You are wondering what’s going on abi? No Vex. Truly this is the Owambe Book Party but asides from books, I’ll also be talking about the Christian and his faith. You know we can’t talk about creativity and ignore the source of creativity himself. I’ll tell you more about Jim soon and you don’t want to miss out trust me!

As always, I’m rooting for you and can’t wait to see those dreams you call tiny blossom into the giant they are meant to be. See you when next the breeze blows me here

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