Thank you Lord for giving me Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord for preserving all of me.

It’s a brand new slate and the lyrics above kept ringing In my heart all through the crossover service. I do not even know the song per se. Just that the first line kept reoccurring and verses popped up in me.

No one ever invested with the hope of recording losses. It’s not done anywhere. This year, the Lord is making you aware that you are being preserved for more. You are not just here to shout Happy New year and eat spicy Jollof. Ehn. You are here this minute, reading this piece because there’s much more in you and to you.

Preservation conserves a thing. It protects its essence and preserves its flavor. This is exactly what the Lord is doing with you dear one. He has kept you till this day because there’s a greater height he wants to place you. However, there are phases to pass through before you get there and you can’t afford to get there anyhow. You have to get there INTACT!

Your eyes have not been preserved so you can watch vile images. Your mouth has not been preserved for you to utter uncouth language. Your thighs have not been preserved for you to give them to a pleasure seeker. Your resources have not been preserved for you to squander them and your life has not been preserved for you to waste it.

A few weeks ago, I was involved in a road accident. It was quite serious. One minute, I was seated in the bus enjoying a novel, and the next, the bus is bent. The glasses were broken and the doors locked. Normal, my phone ought to fly right out of the window but the Lord prevented that and it is right here bringing this to you. He preserved my life too and I’m ready to grant it back to him. Normal, I could have died that day but He caused me to be alive so it just makes perfect sense to give it back to Him. IT’S HIS LIFE; NOT MINE,

There is much more in you and to you.

If you have also come into this alignment that you are being preserved by Him and for Him, then I have some tips to aid your decision.


1 Understand that your stand.

You have to know that you are not like every other person hence you can’t live like them. They might be treading through life as rough as they want but for this individual who knows he/she is being preserved for more, You cannot live anyhow.

2 Trust

I know this is a big one. Yh! Years ago, I doubted God. A lot. I just can’t fathom how He wants to do what He say but now there’s an understanding in me that that isn’t my worry. I don’t need to know HOW. I just need to know IT’S SURE. An analogy that makes this easy for me is this: Imagine putting your feet on a ground that appears wet. You will probably test it with a foot then when you see it doesn’t sink, you add the other and then you keep going. So when you trust him in the seemingly little things, you will have enough Godfidence for the big things. 

Check here for the another cogent ingredient for this life of preservation.

3. There’s only one way to it

The first line says Thank you Lord for giving me Jesus Christ. It is in Christ we gets access to divine preservation. You don’t know how it occurred. You just reflect and sees you are preserved. You are in a tight situation and you still find yourself holding on. It seems you’re sinking and you realize you’re still with Him. Then you will know that it is not by your strength but on the strength of Him who lives in you. Jesus Christ is the best gift worth havi ng!

I didn’t intend to make this a long piece. Just wanted to document it as the Lord is granting grace. In all your rice eating in this season, be conscious of the fact that you are PRESERVED FOR MORE. Till I come your way again, may the good Lord keep you and yours.

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