Preparing for Indepedence 

Last week, we discussed the concept of Independence (you can catch up and today, we’re going to be discussing preparing for Independence.

Independence is not something that fall on you suddenly or that is thrown at you. It takes time and this is where the need to prepare adequately comes to play.

Before you finally get started on your own, you need to set certain things in order as this will aid you to have a good experience of Independence. In the world today, there are nations that enjoy their independent status and there are others who longed for the days before they got liberated. 

Once again, the difference is in the preparation.

Now, how do you prepare for Independence as a youngster?

  • Agree you will be let loose from the apron strings sooner or later. 

You will not be tied to your parents/guardian apron strings forever. Therefore, you need to be prepared to make a detachment when the time comes. You wouldn’t just make a detachment physically, you will also need to make a detachment in other areas. It is therefore important to always remind yourself that you won’t be with Mummy or Daddy forever.

  • Equip yourself to be able to stand alone.

Being Independent comes with various responsibilities and you have to be prepared to face them. You have to learn certain skills that will aid your smooth transitioning into Independence. If you do not know how to handle certain assignments, you will suffer immensely for it.

  • Get adequate knowledge.

One sure way of doing this is by reading materials and also reaching out to people who have walked this road before you.

As you prepare for transitioning into your independent phase, I pray that your path will be well lighted and filled with clarity.

See you next week as we consoder coping with Independence.

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