Welcome dear “Kidut”.  This is a safe space. Our safe space! My birthday was exactly a month away when I decided to take the bull by his horns. And now it’s just 4 more days to go.

This idea has been with me for a while and now I’ve decided to work with it. You know that way you ought to do your Maths assignment on Friday but you keep putting it for evening. Then from evening to Saturday to Sunday then suddenly Monday is on you. So here comes my Monday!

On Childhood and Becoming is a weekly narrative for you. A post will be uploaded every Sunday and since Sunday is a rest day then we can have our discourse uninterrupted.

One last thing, it’s not going to be a long talk so there’s obviously no chance of you dozing off. 

Cheers “Kidut” and do have a great week!

This week, be appreciative!

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