esterday I was Independence day here in Nigeria. It was a bittersweet experience . Independence day is often celebrated in commemoration of the period a nation gains freedom from another nation.  

Asides nations, individuals also crave independence. We want freedom from a lot of things. Many youngsters can’t wait for when they will call the shots. They get impatient and try every crooked way there is to prove their point.

This impatience has led to a lot of crisis as many have made bad decisions and ended up in deep ditches all because of their crave for independence.

Do not let your crave for independence lead you into a bad end.

One thing about Independence is that it is over rated. Yh. In several instances, independence has been clouded in non existent attributes and when the cloud finally lifts, many are lost as to what Independence thrust at them.

Is it bad to crave independence as a young person? No. Capital No.

Independence ia good thing to look forward to as you wouldn’t be with your parents or guardians all your life. Hence, you need to be prepared and arm yourself with the adequste informations that eill aid your journeh tk Independece.

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