Dear Youngster, today we will be starting a series tagged My inclinations and I. Here’s our last post in case you missed it.

An inclination is a disposition towards something or someone. Naturally, no one wants to be accused of being biased but the truth remains that we are all actually inclined towards one thing or the other. 

For many years in my sojourn here on earth, I was inclined toward feeling bad. I’ve created a cocoon around that fact and I just wanted to stay there. I was always seeing myself at the receiving end of every situation. More like, I’ve prepared myself for the bad stuff so it just sort of happens. 

That is a very very bad thing to do. Our world operates on a principle of attraction. Basically, you attract what you think! Simply put! If you are not careful with how you handle your inclinations, you may find yourself in the boat of Job someday. 

I didn’t know better then but now I do. And I am very careful with what I am inclined to do or think. My very good friend do say, When you know better, you do better! I’ve known better and I’m willing to walk you towards knowing better as well.

Many lose out on life as a result of what they give their inclinations to. Some have been inclined in the right direction and they do have the results to show for it. You can also join this train of individuals by aligning your inclinations in the right direction.

The first area your inclinations should be targeted at will be up next Sunday. Can anyone guess what that area will be?

See you next Sunday!

Your week is beautiful!

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