One vital component of life is companionship and one sure way of getting that is through friendship. Our discourse on My Inclinations and I this week will be on friendship.

As the name implies, friendship involves two or more individuals in an agreement to be friends. To be together, to be honest with each other, to have each other’s back, and to ensure the other person is alright.

In a bid to access the warmth that friendship offers, then the race on who or who not to be friends with starts. Many in the quest not to be alone end up in very rickety ships and they suffer for their decisions for a long time. Some even for a lifetime.

Your friends can make or mar you.

Asides from the gists, the gifts, the amebos, the matching outfits, thee recognitions and what have yous, the choice of a friend determines how you will turn out and how your life will be hence you need to be careful on those you are inclined to for friendships.

Amongst other things, your friend will determine :

  • Your choices.
  • How you spend your time.
  • What you spend your time on.
  • Who you allow in your circle.
  • The decisions you make.
  • The actions you embark on.
  • The path you follow.
  • Where you will end up. [Both here on earth and in eternity.]

Now choosing such a fellow who holds significant power over your life shouldn’t be a task you determine by whimsical reasons. You have to think on it deliberately and efficiently.

This is because one wrong move can make you have a wrong friend and a wrong friend can cut you short in this life and in the hereafter.

It has been an awesome ride these past weeks. See you next week as we elaborate more on the friendship issue.

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