Welcome back. Today is the very last discourse on My Inclinations and I and we’ll be picking up from where we left off on FRIENDSHIP

Making a new friend can be a bothersome task and keeping the friend a much more serious duty. However, here are some boxes you can tick to ensure you are on the right track to picking the right friends.

  • Common Grounds

 One essential aspect that you shouldn’t overlook when it comes to friendship is common grounds. A common ground denotes what you share mutually with your friend. What you both agree on and disagree on. Having no common ground no matter how little it may be do not portend well for a friendship relationship.

  • Outlook on life

When you write 6 on a surface, it could be 9 for another fellow. But it becomes a problem when another fellow says the 6 is 42. That is the way friendship works as well. Sometimes, you can have divergent opinions from your friends. But they shouldn’t be to the extreme. If you believe in the beauty of showing kindness to others and your friend believes that’s a waste of time, It means there is something you need to look into urgently. No matter how divergent your opinions are, you should be able to find mutual ground. Your differences shouldn’t be irreconcilable.

  • Values

Values are part of what makes us human. They determine what we do and what we won’t be caught dead doing. Your friend should share your values. You can’t abhor cheating and your korikosun will be the head of the cheating force. It’s not done anywhere. Before you can claim a fellow as your friend, you have to ensure you both cultivate the right set of values.

The Yorubas have an adage that says a sheep that follows a dog will eat faeces. In the same vein, you are not far from doing whatever your friend is capable of doing.

And it’s a wrap on My Inclinations and I. You can catch up on previous episodes here

See you next week.

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