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Today, we’ll be talking about you. You, You, and You. If there’s anything that should occupy your time and space asides from God, that should be your well-being. 

Many today are involved in diverse activities to the detriment of their being. They are loved and enamored by people but pay no attention to their essence. 

Before the applause, before the glow, before the glamour, before that big stage, YOU come first thus you should prioritize yourself and your wellbeing.

It is good to have a hand in the pie but it is more important for the body to be healthy. A healthy hand is not the ultimate but a healthy spirit, soul, and body. In whatever you do, ensure you take care of YOU FIRST! A sick person cannot heal the world. Your intention can be quite alright but if you do not ensure adequate care for yourself, you may end up making the world even sicker.  Inadequate care of yourself is a virus that can spread more quickly than a wildfire.

Thus, before venturing out with that saving pills, take one or two for yourself and get healthy!


  • Discover yourself. 

     Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. This can seem like such an arduous task but relax! You’ve got all the time in the world. Or maybe not. The catch there is the fact that you will always discover yourself till the day you draw your last breath. So why not get started today?

  • Embrace yourself.

     Discovering yourself isn’t the end. Rather it is a point that leads you to grasp that discovery and live with it.

  • Work on yourself.

     Once you’ve discovered who you are and you’ve embraced your reality. Oftentimes, you will see grey areas you are not comfortable with. YOU DO NOT LEAVE THESE AREAS RATHER YOU CHISEL THEM OUT AND FINETUNE THEM! 

  • Love yourself.

     All work and no love make you a pretty drab fellow. As much as you are working on making sure you turn out as the best version you ever can be, create space for love. Do not yearn for anyone to show you love. You, show you love and you’ll be the better for it.

Now and only now can you save the world.

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This week is amazing for you!

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