We’re back on My Inclinations and I. 

Last Sunday, we were able to establish what inclinations are and how they should be targeted. Read up here if you missed that episode. Today, we begin the analysis of areas our inclinations should be as young people. The very first aspect you should be inclined to is towards the Supreme being popularly known as God. 

No human can survive optimally without the input of a greater force. One sure way of assessing this greater force is from the Big Man upstairs. Right from creation, God has always been a huge factor in the evolvement of man. He makes man what man is and is responsible for everything a man amounts to.

So if there is anyone your inclinations should be towards, then that should be God. When that piece of the puzzle is in place, then all others find their rightful position.

How do I align my inclinations with God?

  • By first believing in Him. Just as you can’t root for a brand you have never heard of before, in the same vein, you can’t get your inclinations towards the supreme being if you do not believe there is a supreme being.
  • Believing is not enough, you have to try Him out. You have to make an effort in getting Him involved in all you do. That’s the simple way of getting inclined. A few packets of Choco Ring was all it took for me to take a liking to that brand of biscuits. Involve Him in the little things and you’ll soon realize how closely inclined you would be.
  • It will not always be rosy. There are days it will seem your answers aren’t forthcoming and staying with God isn’t worth it. But hey, those are the days you should really stick with Him.

We see again next Sunday to discuss our next focal point of inclination. Do well to engage our online page and get access to our weekly highlights.

See you again next week!

Your week is bountiful!

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