You are most likely reading this long like way long after I’ve written it. Recently, I’ve gone into a phase where I write, hoard, write, stack, write, wait and well just keep on thinking.

Situations do not often go the way you plan. They have this habit of spiralling beyond your control and leave you hanging after balance. You thought you have it all under control, you thought it’s all going to be smooth and enjoyable. But no the hiccups stare you in the face and drain every zeal or energy you thought you had.

As much as this sounds horrific and terrible. You can’t help it not to come but you can help it when it comes. Just let go of all worries. They really do you no good (If you think otherwise, come chat with me). Just let it take its full course. Be patient while you’re evolving.

If it becomes too much for you, take it all to the one who bore the burdens of the whole world. Bearing burdens is his forte so you’re most definitely in good hands. This is not to bore you or anything but just to let you know you’re doing beautifully well

And yes! Today is my birthday. It feels so good seeing today after months and weeks of anxiety. I’m just so grateful for life, for growth, and of course for you. Kindly check all posts made today. They’re specially for you. My sponge cake won’t reach everyone but my ink will so enjoy🤗🤗🤗

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