I know you are wondering exactly what this fine picture is doing here and its correlation with “Help! I don’t have a friend…….” Well, you will soon find out in these few paragraphs of mine. I apologize for this long break. We won’t be having any other break this long anytime soon. Amen! Fire!!!😉. So take a look once again at that topic and let’s delve into it.

Many of us have been on this table time and time again. Some of us are currently seated chiefly at the table. We seem so detached from people and get so worked up trying to figure out where we went wrong. The more we think about it, the more clueless we get. It seems like a hopelessly long cycle.

Being lonely isn’t good for anyone. We all want and crave companionship. Some of us can go to any length just to have someone by our side. While it isn’t bad to do that, it becomes detrimental when the quest for companionship so becloud you that you now seek for it in odd places.

Dear, it is far better to be a loner than seek companions that will wreck you and truncate your destiny. There have been stories upon stories on how people get frustrated by being alone and decide to try out the other side only to end up with an “Had I known” Let’s briefly look at some reasons why people utter the statement I do not have a friend.

  • Nobody loves me.
  • Nobody cares for me.
  • They are living off me.
  • I’m odd 
  • I don’t fit in.
  • I’m better off alone.

These and many more are the lies we feed ourselves with and we later end up disgruntled and grumpy.

See, no one loves a grumpy fellow. We are humans and are not wired that way. We all want to be where we can belong, where we can feel loved and not feel condemned. As always, I’ve got some tips for you to navigate through the myriads of feelings overwhelming you.

1 You do not need a friend.

Yes, you read that right. Primarily, you do not need anyone other than yourself to make you happy. When you stop placing expectations on people, then you can have your life and be fine. But when you place every of your hope on a friend, the moment he /she misbehaves, your blood level dips. So first learn to love yourself. Be your own friend. Make YOU happy.

2. If at all a friend is going to come up, let it first be GOD.

Again, your eyelids aren’t deceiving you. The best friend you can have is God. He knows everything about you and you can be sure He doesn’t go about running his mouth. Your codes are safe with him. What’s more, he knows your make-up as such being your friend doesn’t drain him. This may sound bizarre but it’s very possible.

3. Never make the mistake of choosing by Sight.

It’s no news that the human heart is desperately wicked and no one can know it. Behind that fine face, handsome features, and warm composition may lie something spooky you would never think of. Hence there is a need to vet anyone who will be regarded as your friend. Not making your due diligence before choosing a friend can land you in hot coals. So, therefore, therefore so, You can not afford to be friends with just anyone.

4. Ask the dreaded question.

You need to ask yourself if you are a friend. We all clamor for a good thing or better still what we call “Complete Package”. Someone savvy, beautiful, intelligent, spiritual, connected, and what else?😁. We often fail to realize that we are most likely going to attract who we are or what we project. What is in you drives all you do and that is what makes people either come close or move far.

5. Lastly, you do need a friend.

It’s not my intention to lead you astray. At all. You do need someone who can hear you out and be a companion to you. However, do not hinge your well-being on this person. They do not determine your essence rather they complement you.

My sincere apologies for staying away so long. It’s not my intention too. But that is another story for another day. This particular piece has been in the archive for months now and I decided to start the clearing from there. I woke up this morning to that beautiful portrait and I also decided to bless you all with my angelic face. It was a gift from a friend. If you want something that cool, kindly reach him here.

I love you and you hold a special place in my heart. As the understanding of these words dawn on you, may you be a good friend, and may you be surrounded with good friends with good hearts. Amen.

Till I come your way again, may the good Lord keep you and yours. 

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