Gold as we all know means something valuable, something unique, something extraordinary. But unfortunately in this age, many do not want to reach for the gold rather they settle for something trivial.

Let’s pick up Jim once again. So say Jim has this vision of owning a big factory someday soon but all around him, a guy his age is expected to be into “AD”. Now due to what people will think, our dear Jim will abandon his dream of having a factory and join the “AD” crowd at the expense of his destiny.

That others are involved in one trade or handiwork or the other does not mean it is also meant for you. If you jump into it, you’ll just end up being frustrated and out of course.


Are those courses wrong? No
Are those training improper? No
Are they meant for you? NO


It’s high time we stop following the tide of life, high time we stop going with the flow, and high time we sit up and follow our course. If you’re called to be a trailblazer, then please don’t do anything less.

Truthfully, those thoughts can be daunting but then that’s why you have the undauntable God at your back. He didn’t mould you to just follow through the course of life, observe the cycles from birth through puberty down to death. He made you so you can make your mark while on those stages.

Going for gold doesn’t have to do with your supposed placement, age, or a myriad of other factors you can think up. Rather it entails you leaving all and pursuing after that one thing you were created for.

You weren’t made to be a nonentity but rather a full entity. You are a world on your own and you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t tap into the awesomeness lying fallow in you.

The ideas are there, the beauty is also there, the intellect you so much seek after is not lacking. All you have to is mine them out. Would you love to know how? Then stay tuned and pray the breeze blows me pretty here soon.

Need I remind you I love to see you bloom in all your endeavors.

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