One disservice you can do for yourself is to neglect what you say to yourself. If you feel there’s no need for you to make confessions for your life then you need a major mind shift. For years on end, I neglected the mirror. I just didn’t feel comfortable looking at me. I mean it was so so weird. Like just abnormal for me to view me. It went on and on and then a season came.

I became so interested in me and was wowed by what I found out. I fell in love with me. I became so eager to look into the mirror. I loved complimenting myself and I do a lot of self-appreciation. You can’t go far in life if you do not even see yourself moving an inch. Hence the need to call that which you want by your mouth.

  • I am not God deaf.
  • I am not God blind.
  • I am not God Naive.
  • Lord, if you speak to me  1 million times, I hear you those 1 million times.
  • Lord, I do not lose my sound.

These and many more are confessions to be made every minute of the day. You are walking, mutter it. You’re in your office, say them under your breath. Anything you do, don’t be caught unfresh: Speak Positively at all times! Learn to speak good things to yourself. It’s not just your Church bro you tell “God bless you.” Tell yourself, Titi, God bless you. Biola, you are not a debtor. Wumi, God is lifting you high. Ade, your path is lighted. Sade, You will work for God. Deji, you shine for Jesus. Busayo, you can never walk out of Jesus.

The more you speak these words, the more they become a part of you and the more you live them out. It’s a brand new year and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the benefit of positive declarations. I love you so much and here’s my medium of wishing you a happy new year.

I’m rooting for you. Till the next time I come your way, may the good Lord bless you and yours.

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