Best Free Antivirus VPN Reviews

A VPN encrypts data, protects you from hackers, and conceals your location online. When paired with an antivirus program, it gives you a comprehensive set of security features to ensure your computer is secure. But not every antivirus and VPN offers the same features, so it’s essential to select a package which includes both an antivirus as well as a VPN.

We’ve reviewed the top antivirus and VPN programs with integrated VPNs. These are all malware detection and scanning, lightweight design, speedy scans and user-friendly features. We also analyzed the price to make sure that these products are affordable for the majority of people.

Norton is a top malware-detection software and comes with a host of additional features, including a powerful VPN which is fast and reliable. Its firewall and network protections are also excellent and so is its phishing defense. Its online banking and shopping security are top of the line, too. The only issue is that Norton 360 VPN Norton 360 VPN uses a very limited amount of data every day and does not work with streaming services like Netflix or Disney+.

Kaspersky is a solid antivirus program that is light on system resources and fast to scan. However, its free VPN has a daily limit of 300MB, and the password manager can only save 15 logins and credit cards. Upgrading to a paid plan will grant unlimited data on its VPN, and also parental controls and greater internet security.

Bitdefender is another excellent choice for those looking for a complete set of security tools, such as a VPN and a great firewall. Its antivirus software detects and shuts down threats so quickly that you won’t even notice they’re running, and it features an easy interface to use for those who are new. The cheapest plan doesn’t offer its high-speed VPN however, adding it to your subscription will allow you to access geo-restricted content and stream content at max speed.

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