Today makes it a month since we started officially and what a ride it has been. We’ve come to a full moon and I’m grateful to God and for you. Thank you! Thank you!!

Of all the things you have the privilege of choosing, your family isn’t a part of that (or at least initially). Just like every other person out there, you found yourself in the family you currently associate with. And like every other person, you’ve had your fair share of the good days and of course the not-so-good days. 

  • Will your family always make you happy? Not likely 
  • Will it be a smooth ride? Not very feasible
  • But can you make the most of it? ABSOLUTELY

As a youth, never join wagon with those who despise their family. In all you do, please place a premium tag on your family. There are certain voids in life that only your family can fill for you. Stop wishing for other people’s families and put in the needed work for your family to be enviable as well.

One certain thing as we all advance in life is growth. We all grow and so do our family members hence their perception and disposition toward us may change. The same way you all related when you were 10 might not be the way you will relate when you’re 25. Thus, in all your learning, you need to factor that in and make allowances.

If you have a good family then hold them right and don’t take them for granted. So there you go on today’s inclination. Catch up on previous inclinations here Thanks for being a part of the full moon’s celebration.

See you next week!

This week, be the best for your family.

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