April 2022


It's a brand new day and I feel somewhat nostalgic writing this.  This is my 20th blogpost and I can't help but reflect on how the journey all started indeed Rome wasn't built in a day. Amidst the ups and downs, the schedules, the unforeseen circumstances and every other thing in between, the blog is progressing powerfully. No retreat, No surrender! In whatever venture you may be involved in, it won't all make sense at once. It won't be a global rave the first day but you keep at it and see how it will all blossom beautifully one day....

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Yippie! Yippie!! I'm here again. Told you no more long breaks. So today, our discourse is on the question WHO AM I? Now, this is not a review of Hillsong's rendition. Let's say this is my medium of welcoming you to AprilšŸ˜† Growing up, I heard a lot of awful words around. Everywhere you turn, someone has a terrible name to call another. Mothers do not spare their children nor their spouses, fathers do not spare their family as well, friends have turned it to the norms, and neighbors do not even care. They will say whatever they want to...

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