January 2022


Thank you Lord for giving me Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for preserving all of me. It's a brand new slate and the lyrics above kept ringing In my heart all through the crossover service. I do not even know the song per se. Just that the first line kept reoccurring and verses popped up in me. No one ever invested with the hope of recording losses. It's not done anywhere. This year, the Lord is making you aware that you are being preserved for more. You are not just here to shout Happy New year and eat spicy Jollof....

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One disservice you can do for yourself is to neglect what you say to yourself. If you feel there's no need for you to make confessions for your life then you need a major mind shift. For years on end, I neglected the mirror. I just didn't feel comfortable looking at me. I mean it was so so weird. Like just abnormal for me to view me. It went on and on and then a season came. I became so interested in me and was wowed by what I found out. I fell in love with me. I became so...

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